RAGBRAI XLV experiences Allamakee County ...

Reports of as many as 30,000 bicyclists, support crew members and additional visitors traversed the roadways of Allamakee County at one time or another Friday and Saturday, July 28-29 for RAGBRAI XLV, those bicyclists beginning their Allamakee County trek in Postville before staying overnight in Waukon Friday night and then navigating the hills and valleys through Waterville, Yellow River State Forest and Harpers Ferry before ending up at the final tire-dip destination of Lansing Saturday to complete their seven-day, 411-mile RAGBRAI journey. Comments such as “breathtaking scenery,” “friendly, welcoming people,” and “challenging but well worth it” were heard from riders as they made their way through Iowa's most northeastern county to wrap up this year's event. Photos above courtesy of (clockwise from top left) Joe Moses, Julie Berg-Raymond, Caitlin Troendle and Ann Marie Gallacher-Williams. Additional photos of this year’s historic event can be found on Pages 5A-8A inside this week’s edition of The Standard, with even more photos available for viewing or purchase by clicking on the Photo Galleries link on this website. Anyone wishing to share their own RAGBRAI story or thoughts from this year's event is invited to submit them via email at news@waukonstandard.com.

View the RAGBRAI photo section from Pages 5A-8A in the pdf below:


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