Letter to the Editor: Drain the swamp

To the Editor:

Washington D.C. is so rotten you can almost smell the stench here in Iowa. Our tax money spent on a slush fund to settle sexual harassment claims. It looks as if that fund that has paid out tens of millions of dollars in settlements over the last 20 years comes from the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995, which was sponsored by our very own Chuck Grassley.

How about the Johnson law forbidding clergy from giving their view on certain laws or they would lose their tax exemption? How about all the perks and retirement benefits they have voted for themselves? How about all the congressmen that didn’t support term limits and a balanced budget? How about when they removed or forbid the Bible, 10 Commandments or any Christian symbol? That’s when the devil walked into our schools and our country has been on a downhill slide ever since.

Right now the Republicans have both houses and the presidency, they should have a bill on Trump’s desk immediately to change all of the above, but no - they just sit on their hands and do nothing. The Republican Party is disgusting.

Wake up, put an end to all the perks, the slush fund, the yoke on religion. How about a 20 trillion dollar deficit? That’s awful bad management. Drain the swamp and help Trump make America great again.

Kindest Regards
and God Bless,
Osmond (Ozzy) Quandahl

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