Letter to the Editor: Smart meter concerns

To the Editor:

I have received positive comments in regards to Oklahoma drawing up a bill to protect its citizens from non-ionizing radiation due to smart meters. The bill gives decision making back to the people. Currently, the wireless industry via the utility companies with government funding has taken that away. There have also been some questions brought up.

What’s the life span of smart meters? Smart meters have a five to seven year life span and have the ability to violate the 4th Amendment due to the detailed data they collect. Mechanical analog meters have a thirty to forty year life span, are quite accurate and do not have the capability to violate the 4th Amendment.

Are smart meters more environmentally friendly? Mechanical analog meters need someone to go around and read them resulting in the burning of fossil fuels. This only takes a few days out of the month. Smart meters emit electromagnetic radiation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is around the clock electro-pollution. Communities become less healthy due to all the electromagnetic radiation pollution. Health is vitally important to a strong community.

Smart meters contain several very toxic chemicals such as lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, beryllium, tantalum, arsenic, copper, and more. These chemicals are Persistent Bioaccumulative and Toxic or PBTs. They are chemicals that linger in the environment for a very long time without degrading, ultimately multiplying their negative effects on all biological life. Plus, smart meters are sent to the landfill over five times the rate. They are a serious chemical polluter jeopardizing our ground water.

Iowa is a ‘home rule’ state. Would the bill pass? Home rule is where local government maintains power that comes from the state constitution. The state constitution says that the people of Iowa are to be able to acquire possessions and the right to protect their property. The people of Iowa are to be able to pursue and obtain safety, happiness and defend life. All political power is in the people. Government is for the protection, security and benefit of the people. The people have the right to alter and reform when the public good calls for it. The state may pre-empt home rule if the local laws are more restrictive.

Smart meters are being forced upon us. The people are not allowed a voice. Home rule is by the people and for the people. There is nothing about what is going on now that even fits home rule and yet it is being done. The people are not getting a voice. It is being forced by way of the wireless industry.

Thankfully, people are beginning to ask questions. They want answers that are not directly or indirectly connected to the wireless industry. They want a voice and they want truth so they can make decisions based on truth.

Decorah is in the process of building their own utility. This could be a big step in the right direction. If this is built on truth by the people and for the people that is what this nation is built on. That is what home rule stands for, the people being truthfully informed and the people making the decisions. Currently that is not happening.

Becky Huck


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