Letter to the Editor: Toast

To the Editor:

Maybe we could talk more about how thankful we should be for toast: wimpy milk toast, toasted grill cheese, or trying to eat “just a piece of toast” when you’re not feeling well. Then there is always the possibility someone is not feeling well because they got toasted the night before.

We have garlic toast, French toast, BLTs on toast.  Oh, and the response a waiter or waitress loves when they serve a beautiful triple decker sandwich and the customer says, “Didn’t I say I wanted that on toast?”

Then, of course, there are toasted marshmallows that usually end up burned. I know I really appreciate it when some unexpected guest shows up commenting on how my house smells like burnt toast when they walk in the door.

Let’s not forget, peanut butter and jelly on toast, eggs and toast or creamed dried beef on toast. Since chemotherapy there have been many times my stomach could only handle plain toast.

There are also those toasts to lucky couples, a new employee or an endeared retiree.  I say skip the toast and go straight for the beverage of choice. Personally, I would rather be drinking something than trying to swallow empty words.

If you think about it, given our current elected officials, there is the distinct possibility we’ll all end up being nuclear toast. 

As always,

Ann Gallagher
“Catfish Annie”


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