Letter to the Editor: Better alternative to proposed sidewalk project?

To the Editor:

The Waukon City Council recently accepted a bid on sidewalk installation along Second Street SW and Eleventh Avenue SW. The Mayor vetoed this bid proposal and the council later overrode his veto.

This proposal includes a four- to five-foot sidewalk from the fire station to the south entrance to the City Park. The proposal they accepted will cause them to remove 25 trees planted by volunteers eight to 10 years ago. The City had instructed the volunteers where these trees should be located and they followed the City’s instruction.

It is uncertain at this point who this sidewalk will serve since it is in a commercial area and there are no residences nearby. What was not in the proposal, and was suggested by one council member, was a sidewalk from the parking lot on Eleventh Avenue (near the pond) to the south park entrance. If this were provided, it would be about one-third the cost and allow people in wheelchairs and with other disabilities to enter the park’s south entrance and enjoy the existing park trail around the pond.

I would encourage you to take a drive down Eleventh Avenue SW (road to Fareway and Dollar General) and see what you think makes sense, a sidewalk from the fire station to the south park entrance (including removal of 25 trees) or one from the parking area to the south entrance for one-third the cost.

Let your council members know or attend the next council meeting and let them know your feelings on the subject. It’s your tax dollars being used.

Harold W. Pronga

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