Letter to the Editor: Tree preservation should be considered

To the Editor:

Recently, we were driving to visit family in Minnesota and drove through Chatfield, a town of about 2,800. They are going through a similar process as Waukon with their sidewalks and streets. What was very different was that instead of cutting the trees down in the boulevards they put a protective skirting around the bottom of each tree during construction.

It was quite refreshing to see a community that appreciates the aesthetic value of trees and is also aware of the economic and environmental value of trees. In 2010 Northeast Iowa RC&D identified every tree on Waukon City property and noted its species and condition. They estimated the positive economic impact from the trees was over $240,000 annually.

It really doesn’t make sense to destroy 25 more trees for a sidewalk in a commercial area that will only be used by those visiting the fire station or the carpet store and deciding to take a walk in the park afterward. There are several options available that would not require the destruction of the trees. I would hope the city council would reconsider and, using a little common sense, would choose another option.

Harold Pronga

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