Letter to the Editor: Our churches are all on the same team

To the Editor:

I read with interest the Word for Word article by Pastor Ron Pederson of King of Grace Lutheran Church (November 13, 2019).

He recounted his experience of ministering to a dying man and seeing that man come to have faith in Christ.

Rev. Pederson offered a fresh perspective, perhaps not in the exact words I would use in light of my own church denominational background, but nevertheless his words demonstrated the genuineness of someone entering the Christian faith for the first time.

Being offered this fresh perspective is important to me, because I need to know that while other Christians from other churches may use slightly different words and phrases that I am used to, we are all really on the same page.

Whether the church is Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, or some other Biblically-based denomination, our goal is primarily the same: to see those around us brought closer to God.

We are really on the same team, or at least we should be. One church may be gifted in having an active children’s ministry, another may have a private school with very dedicated teachers (like St. Patrick School), and another may impact many lives through a social program.

I once prayed and asked God why there had to be so many Christian denominations, instead of just one “right” one. I am not sure if He answered me, but I began to realize that each church denomination may be God’s special vehicle to reach each unique person. God could use one “perfect” church to impact everyone; I believe he has chosen to use many churches.

To all the attenders of the fine churches in this community, I say let us get on board. Our churches can touch so many lives, each in their own special way.

Arthur Clocksin


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