Did he steal a white Christmas too?!?! ...

Those familiar with the Dr. Seuss book “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” may also be pointing fingers at the green, evil-smiling holiday villain when it comes to thoughts of a white Christmas. As evident in the photo above, the ground surrounding this local holiday display has very little snow cover remaining, and with daytime temperatures forecasted in the 40s through the remainder of this Christmas week, what little snow that does remain likely won’t stick around for long and the only precipitation that is forecasted to fall as the Christmas holiday approaches and is celebrated in the middle of this week is expected to be in the form of rain on Christmas Day.

The National Weather Service out of La Crosse, WI says that the tri-state area of northeast Iowa, southeast Minnesota and southwest Wisconsin can typically expect a white Christmas, on average, 70% of the time from year to year, with a white Christmas officially defined by climatologists as at least an inch of snow on the ground or falling that day. Some weather forecasts for the local area indicate a chance of snow showers a day or two after Christmas, while some don’t have snow in the forecast until after the first of the new year. It seems that if, true to his story, the Grinch does find it in his heart to return anything stolen in time for Christmas, it is not likely to be snowfall in time for a white Christmas to be experienced in the local area. But, just like the residents of Whoville, local residents likely won’t let that spoil their true meaning of Christmas.

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