Letter to the Editor: California

To the Editor:

Wow! We Iowans are going to California for a bowl game. Tons of Iowans will be going there to spend their money. Included in this bunch are hundreds of people, including the team, the band and lots of staff - all being paid for by the State of Iowa.

We are doing this in spite of the fact that just a few months ago we were scolded by the State of California because we had the temerity to not compel all sellers of health insurance companies in our state to cover sex change surgeries. Because Iowa gave that option to these companies, California also stated they would not pay for any of its State-paid employees to attend any functions in Iowa.

Instead of reciprocating, however, we Iowans have instead decided to, sort of, turn the other cheek. We are exhibiting our tolerance - in spite of the intolerance shown by California and their “holier than thou”  self-righteous attitude toward us. We are tolerant of insurance companies who pay for sex change operations, we are tolerant of those who don’t. We are tolerant of people’s various sexual preferences. We  are also tolerant of those who have moral or ethical objections to sex changes. We Iowans prefer freedom of thought and freedom of businesses to make choices. We are one of the first states to allow gay marriages.

Thankfully, Iowa will be playing the University of Southern California, a private university - not managed or funded by the State of California.

Dick Roggensack


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