Letter to the Editor: VMH deserves our undying support

To the Editor:

Saturday, December 14 proved to be a day of unusual activity for me, and one I won’t forget.

About 7 a.m. I was admitted to the emergency room at Veterans Memorial Hospital (VMH) here in Waukon; by 10 a.m. I was being wheeled into surgery to remove my gall bladder; and by 5 p.m. I was out of recovery and Sheryl was driving me home. Not long after, I had my feet up watching RFD TV.

I’m not writing to whine about my big day but to offer praise and thanksgiving for the wonderful facility and staff at VMH. From the time we entered the doors, until we left, we encountered nothing but kindness, caring, efficiency and professionalism. The exceptionally competent nurses, doctors, technicians and surgeons could not have been more attentive and skilled. What a blessing for me to have all that available right here, when I needed it most.

With the sudden closing of the Mayo Clinic in Waukon we are reminded that rural healthcare is in crisis, and we cannot always rely on the large hospital networks to serve us. Too often it is profit, not patient, that comes first.

We must all commit ourselves to doing whatever we can to assure “quality health care, right here at home.” VMH deserves our undying support.

It may, indeed, someday be a matter of life and death for you and for me.

With gratitude and praise,

John Prestemon


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