Waukon Lions Club honors top Waukon High School seniors

Each spring the Waukon Lions Club hosts its annual Waukon High School Honors Banquet at the First Presbyterian Church in Waukon, recognizing students ranking in the top 15% academically of Waukon High School’s graduating class. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the traditional banquet was not able to be held, but the Waukon Lions Club still wants to recognize this year’s 12 Waukon High School graduating seniors from the Class of 2020, listed below in alphabetical order, for their hard work and dedication to academic excellence in ranking within this year’s top 15% of their class:

Ellec Armstead, daughter of Dacia Armstead and Frank Armstead of Waukon;
Miann Barr, daughter of Warren and June Barr of Waukon;
Katelyn Benzing, daughter of Brad and Becky Benzing of Harpers Ferry;
Brady Beyer, son of Brent and Denise Beyer of Waukon;
Tyler Block, son of Nathan and Kathleen Block of Waukon;
Leah Bulman, daughter of Lenny and Kelly Bulman of Waukon;
Alyx Ede, son of Tom and Hillary Ede of Harpers Ferry;
Madalyn Ellingson, daughter of John and Bethany Ellingson of Waukon;
Owen Halverson, son of Greg and Deanna Halverson of Waukon;
Laney Johnson, daughter of Olaf and Jill Johnson of Waukon;
Faith Palmer, daughter of John and Meghan Palmer of Waukon;
Alison Sherman, daughter of Mark and JoAnn Sherman of Waukon.

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