Word for Word 5/13/20

Rev. Tim Rupert
Rev. Tim Rupert

Grace holds a central place in a life of faith. For my faith tradition, talk of grace begins of course with God’s grace. God giving us love, blessing, help, healing. God doing this freely, with great care for us. Grace is about receiving. Receiving needed support, needed relief, needed compassion. This aspect of grace reminds us that we are people who need help and grace in life, in all manner of ways. We receive grace from God, and we receive grace from other people. So during this time of pandemic and uncertainty, I’d encourage all who are being offered help, offered grace, to receive it. Welcome a friendly word or an offer of support. Take advantage of food pantry supplies and other forms of assistance. In whatever ways you’re being offered grace now, receive it as a gift. Accepting grace, accepting help can be difficult for us. But it is vital and life-giving. So open yourself up to grace. Be kind enough to yourself to receive it.

And as you receive that grace and help, you can then turn your attention to the other aspect of grace. Grace is about giving. You too can offer a kind and loving word to someone feeling isolated. You too can give to Relief Offices and Food Pantries. You too can take part in healthy practices like wearing a mask and being aware of how your actions affect others. You too can take part in life-giving grace for other people. The opportunities for giving grace are all around you, so be on the lookout for them. Seek to be aware of those who may need a little extra grace right now.

Peace and grace to you all. Receive it. Then share it.
Pastor Tim Rupert
Zalmona Presbyterian Church

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