Committee of WHS parents working to organize summer “Prom-like” event

Students can fill out survey to express interest; Others are welcome to help with planning and implementation

A committee of parents of junior and senior students at Waukon High School have been “meeting” during the past couple weeks to try to organize a summer Prom-like event for members of those two grade levels since the April 25 Waukon High School Prom was canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. A Facebook group was set up in March for parents of students in those grades, and meeting times and dates have been made known through that Facebook group.

“I think parents want their child to still have a Prom experience and for their child to have a positive memory of this time when we are dealing with the virus,” stated parent and committee member Jo Ann Sherman.

The committee is planning an event much like the traditional Prom for members of the junior and senior classes and their guests. Participants are encouraged to wear traditional Prom attire, but it is not required. The committee is also looking into having a complimentary meal for students who participate, along with a dance and after Prom-type activities.

The parent group has been offered a generous private donation to pay for the rental of the Allamakee County Fairgrounds Pavilion in Waukon and a date of July 25 has been established, if gathering guidelines will allow.

“The fact that Dusty Rounds started asking, as he wanted to do a fundraiser for the kids, really spearheaded us to get started working on this event,” stated Sherman. “We are amazed at the generosity of all our community members to give to this fundraiser.”

There are still many questions the committee is trying to tackle, including whether or not they will even be able to host this type of event this summer or if social distancing will continue through the entire summer. At this time, committee members will be sharing a survey with students in the junior and senior classes to ascertain whether or not students are genuinely interested in an event like this. Parents and students should look for a link to a Google document that the committee would like the students to fill out by June 15 to see how many students are interested in the event. If there is enough interest then the committee will continue making plans for a Summer Prom.

The link is being shared through Facebook, Snapchat, email and other social media.

This event is not being sponsored by Waukon High School, it is solely the work of parent volunteers. Anyone interested in helping out with the planning or implementation of the event may contact Jo Ann Sherman, Katie Hennessy or Denise Headington.

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