Memorials received by Health Care Foundation

Memorials were received by the Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation in memory of Walter Halvorson by Richard and Joan Leiran, Lanny and Joyce Marting, Charlotte and Cliff Christianson, Jason and Laurie Hackman and Haylee, Richard and  Liz Seibert, Chuck and Maxine Bloxham, Dennis and Jane Meyer, Jim and Linda Seibert, Frank and Carol Sivesind, Ed and Marlene Ahouse, Diana and Tom Deeney, Leo and JoAnn Folsom, Dean and Sherry Bechtel, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Johanningmeier, Village Farm and Home, the Hankes Family, Lyle and Mary Ellen Mohwinkle, Don Aldrich, John and Leslie Miller, Dave and Jeannine Zimmerman, Gordon and Louise Ellingson, Jeff and Penny Sweeney, Dan and Traci Byrnes, Pat and Mary Jo Liddiard, Lollie Hirth, Betty Decker, Karen and Gordon Anderson,  Dale and Myriam Brandt, Karen Soper, Judson, Carol and Craig Schrick, Doris Olson and Family, John and Elnora Weymiller, Pat Pettingill, Darlene Leas and David Leas, Dennis and Sandy Deal, Mr. and Mrs. Arden Shindoll, Darlene Herman, Jerry and Debra Hilgerson, David and Christine Enyart Family, Rebecca Bednarski Family, Rebecca Gesing, Dave and Laurie Martin, Sherry Halvorson, Carl and Betty Christianson, and family and friends of Walter Halvorson.

Memorials and donations are appreciated by the Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation, a 501C3 organization. All donations to the Foundation are tax deductible. Memorials and donations can be sent to Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation, 40 First Street SE, Waukon, IA  52172.

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