General public invited to submit questions in regard to Public Safety Center project or May 5 bond referendum vote

In anticipation of the planned May 5 bond referendum vote for the proposed new Allamakee County Public Safety Center to be built on the current Makee Manor property, The Standard would like to field questions from the general public of Allamakee County in regard to the project and/or upcoming vote. Those questions will then be presented to members of the Public Safety Center Committee or other officials to be answered in a future article in this newspaper. All questions submitted will be considered and those appearing with the most frequency will likely be prioritized for inclusion as issues of greatest importance/concern.
The Public Safety Center Committee is planning a series of public meetings for the week of April 20, a more definite schedule of which will appear in next week's issue of The Standard. The Standard encourages the general public to attend one of these upcoming meetings to ask questions, provide input and become as informed as possible about the Public Safety Center project and upcoming vote, but The Standard also realizes that not everyone is able to attend such meetings and would like to offer this format for those who are unable to do so.
Questions in regard to the Public Safety Center project or May 5 bond referendum vote may be e-mailed to, mailed to The Standard, ATTN: Public Safety Center Questions, P.O. Box 286, Waukon, IA 52172, or dropped off at The Standard office at 15 First Street NW in Waukon by Thursday, April 16. Questions must be accompanied by the name and telephone number of the individual submitting them. Those items will simply be used for further clarification purposes, if needed, and will in no way be published with any future article.