Ocrtober is National Physical Therapy Month

Pictured is the Rehabilitation Department at Veterans Memorial Hospital. This staff works with people of all ages, helping them to reduce pain and regain strength, independence and health, assisting patients within the hospital, patients in the hospital on a skilled level of care, as well as outpatients and in the patient homes. In the front row, left to right, are Alana Gavin, D.P.T.; Amy Ghelf, P.T.A.; Steven Breitenfield, S.L.P; Dana Wells, D.P.T.; and Tami Gebel, O.T. In the back row, left to right, are Laurel Hagensick, P.T.; Melissa Clarke, O.T.; Dacia Johnson, Office Manager and Rehab Technician; Brad Krambeer, Athletic Trainer; Sara White, P.T.A.; and Amy Robinson, P.T., Rehab Director. Submitted photo.

October is National Physical Therapy Month. The Rehabilitation staff at Veterans Memorial Hospital works with people of all ages, helping them to reduce pain and regain strength, independence and health. The Healthy Lifestyles Rehabilitation Center at Veterans Memorial Hospital is fully equipped for all rehabilitation patients with 17 weight machine stations, tread mills, exercise bikes, NuStep and elliptical machines. The five private treatment rooms allow one-on-one evaluation and treatment with the therapists.
Individual physical therapy services provided include athletic training, home health, work hardening/conditioning, wellness programs, headache management, lymphodema therapy and wound care. Four physical therapists currently serve Veterans Memorial Hospital and the surrounding community, including Amy Robinson, P.T., Rehabilitation Director; Laurel Hagensick, P.T.; Alana Gavin, P.T.; Dana Wells, D.P.T; Amy Ghelf, Physical Therapist Assistant; Sara White, Physical Therapist Assistant; Dacia Johnson, Physical Therapist Technician/Office Manager; and Brad Krambeer, Certified Athletic Trainer.
Physical, Occupational and Speech therapies are provided by the Veterans Memorial Hospital staff members in a variety of settings, to people of all ages. They treat those in the hospital who are recovering from an illness, those who are at home yet come into therapy on an outpatient basis, and those who are unable to leave their homes, providing therapy through VMH Community and Home Care.
“Traveling the area and treating patients in their homes has been an enjoyable  challenge for all of us and very rewarding,” Robinson said. “We try to go the extra mile for our patients by analyzing their surroundings and making adaptive equipment to help them be more independent while living on their own.”
The therapy staff is available from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., providing treatment for patients around their busy schedules, saving them the time and effort of driving out of the area for their therapy.
For more information on the rehabilitation services available at Veterans Memorial Hospital, contact Amy Robinson, P.T., Rehabilitation Director, at 563-568-3411.