Friends of Pool 9 River Clean-Up is this Saturday; Volunteers welcome

Mother River is ready to start spring cleaning and Friends of Pool 9 (FOP9) will be there to help, but they can’t do it alone.

Since 2004, FOP9 has sponsored a spring river clean-up day. Since that year, over 130,000 pounds of debris has been collected. This wasn’t done by just a few volunteers.  Over 7,000 volunteer hours, including 890 last year, have gone into this project saving approximately $140,000 in work related costs. Last year alone, 13,000 pounds of accumulated garbage was harvested.

Young and old, fathers, mothers, grandparents and kids are urged to join Friends of Pool 9 Saturday, April 29 in this clean-up endeavor.  Both people and boats are needed. Participants gather at the Lansing VFW building on Front Street in Lansing at 7:30 a.m. for registration, orientation, clean-up assignments and to collect clean-up supplies.  Canvas gloves, garbage bags and water are provided.

Boats may also meet in New Albin and Heytman's Landing on the Iowa side of the river, or in Ferryville, Lynxville and Black Hawk Park near De Soto on the Wisconsin side of the river. Each person receives a Friends of Pool 9 t-shirt and will be treated to a complimentary lunch after finishing their assigned task, which is scheduled for approximately 12 noon.

Anyone interested in volunteering their time, energy and/or their boat, or anyone seeking additional information, may call the following contacts: Waukon - Bruce ReVoir, 563-568-7358; Lansing -  Bob Seeley, 563-568-7713; New Albin - Al Wuennecke, 563-544-4929; Decorah - Sue English, 563-382-9561; De Soto, WI - Jerry Boardman, 563-419-7968; Ferryville, WI - Larry Quamme, 608-734-9077; Lynxville, WI - Mark Schneden, 608-412-0483; Heytman's Landing - Sam Miller, 319-269-6805; or Natalie Baughler, President of Friends of Pool 9, 563-538-4287.

This event is held rain or shine, but if cancellation is necessary, announcements will be made on KNEI, KVIK or KDEC radio.

"Each of us, users of our beautiful Mississippi River, need to preserve this natural resource. The river has gotten cleaner and people are more informed about its value and their obligation to protect it, but it’s still important that we act as stewards and remain vigil.

Saturday, April 29, from 7:30 a.m.-12 noon is an opportunity to give something back to the Mississippi in return for the recreation and resources it provides.  Parents, bring your sons and daughters. Pass on the heritage of responsibility that we have  to our amazing body of water," shared Friends of Pool 9 event organizers and leaders.

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