New Albin residents, travelers advised of road closures and boil alert due to sewer/water repairs

Repairs being made June 5-9 will impact local travel, as well as water quality and availability

In a letter from Mayor Josh Dreps, residents of the City of New Albin were advised that Monday, June 5 through Friday, June 9 the City of New Albin will be performing sewer main line repairs and replacing two main water valves at the intersection of Highway 26 and Ross Avenue. The letter advised residents on street closures as well as alerts in both water quality and availability at times during the weeklong project.

The letter stated both lanes of traffic on Highway 26 will be closed during excavation and repairs, and that the City of New Albin has been working with the Department of Transportation in preparing for the Highway 26 closure to provide detoured routes around the project.

Southbound Highway 26 traffic will exit at the first entrance to New Albin, which is the Main Street entrance near Konkel Saw Mill, and continue on Main Street to Rogers Street before being able to return to Highway 26 and continuing southbound. Northbound traffic will follow the reverse of that route, exiting Highway 26 at Rogers Street, traveling left on to Main Street, and continuing down Main Street past Konkel Saw Mill and exiting to the right back on to Highway 26.  Signs will be posted throughout the city; as well as on Highway 26.

"Our aim is to work expeditiously with repairs as we know this is a tremendous inconvenience," Mayor Dreps stated in the letter. "During the detours of the northbound and southbound traffic, Main Street will be closed to parking. Side streets will accommodate vehicles needed to patronize the businesses located on Main Street."

Since the sewer line work is in the same area of the water main valves, City of New Albin officials have elected to also replace two water main valves for maintenance. Because of the valve replacement and anticipated water shut-off for the project Tuesday, June 6, there will be no running water in New Albin that day.

Following anticipated completion of that project June 6, the entire New Albin water system will be on a Boil Alert for the following two days, as the City has to have two clear water tests before the boil alert can be removed. What this means is water for human consumption should be boiled for at least a minute before being consumed. Steve Meiners, Supervisor of Maintenance for the City of New Albin, will be gathering water samples throughout those two days and the tests will be performed to assure officials the city has safe drinking water.

For the two days following completion of the June 6 valve replacement project, residents are advised to bring all water to a boil, let it boil for one minute and let it cool before using, as boiling kills bacteria and other organisms in the water. Bottled water would also be an alternative. Boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes and food preparation. A boil alert is issued when the pressure is lost in the water line and there is the possibility of any foreign substance entering the system.

Boil the water vigorously at or near 212º F (100º C) for at least one full minute to kill any disease-causing bacteria that may be present in the water. A microwave oven may be used to boil the water, but vigorous boiling for one minute is recommended to kill any disease-causing microorganisms present in water. The flat taste of boiled water may be improved by pouring it back and forth between two clean containers before use, by allowing it to stand for a few hours after boiling, or by adding a small pinch of salt for each quart of water boiled. For more information regarding safe drinking water, visit

For further questions regarding the project or any of the information presented above, residents may call 563-544-4260 for assistance.

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