Lansing area residents need to be aware of road closures, detours during RAGBRAI®

Lansing RAGBRAI® officials have provided the maps at left and below to alert area residents of the road closures and detours that will be put in place during the RAGBRAI visit to Lansing scheduled for Saturday, July 29. RAGBRAI bicyclists will be entering Lansing on the south edge of town, traveling Great River Road (County Road X52) from Harpers Ferry, before making their way to one of the three final tire-dip locations along the Mississippi River.

The black bars located on the maps at left and below indicate where streets in Lansing will be blocked off to vehicle traffic. That blocking of traffic basically protects the Great River Road bicyclist entrance route, as well as the Main Street locations that will serve as the activity and entertainment center for Lansing's celebration as the final destination of RAGBRAI XLV.

With Main Street in Lansing being blocked off at Sixth Street toward the middle of town, local traffic and any RAGBRAI support vehicles traveling State Highway 9 east from Waukon into Lansing will be detoured to the north or south at that intersection, depending upon their intended destination, with RAGBRAI support traffic being directed to Front Street. Local traffic coming off the Black Hawk Bridge into Lansing will be detoured off North Second Street through the alley behind Milty's in order to further travel through Lansing.

Commercial and other non-local traffic coming across the bridge will detour north at the bridge exit on Highway 26 toward New Albin. Commercial and non-local traffic traveling east from Waukon or other locations along State Highway 9 will be detoured on to Lycurgus Road north to New Albin via Iowa River Drive and State Highway 26.

Additional safety and preparation suggestions from RAGBRAI and local officials appears in a colored box on Page 13A in the print edition and e-edition of The Standard.

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