Lansing City Council awaits advice from State Forester visiting Mt. Hosmer this week, considers pair of proposals for treatment of radium issue in City’s water supply

by Macie Hill

The Lansing City Council meeting was held Monday, August 7. Discussion centered around a State Forester coming to take a look at trees on Mount Hosmer, fixing street lights around the city, dealing with the radium issue in the City’s water supply, and an update on the South Road bridge project.

It was reported that a State Forester with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources was scheduled to be coming to Mount Hosmer Tuesday, August 8 to take a look around and see what options may be available as far as clearing any trees out. The forester will offer advice as to the best and healthiest options for the forest stand growing on Mt. Hosmer, explaining the different scenarios as to whether it would be advisable to take some trees out or none at all. The council also considered this as an opportunity to possibly improve some of the trails on Mt. Hosmer and make them more accessible. The results the forester compiles will be discussed in a future meeting and a plan will be made from there.

There are a number of street lights out across the city that will need to get fixed in the future. The council is discussing a plan to get the problem fixed as efficiently as possible.

The City has been offered two different treatment proposals to deal with the radium issue within a portion of its water supply. The council discussed all of the different pros and cons of each proposal and will be making a final decision at its next meeting, Monday, August 21, and then proceed from there.

The sewer portion of the South Road bridge project is almost complete. It was reported that everything has been going smoothly and continuing progress is being made on the project.

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