Lansing City Council appoints Conrad Rosendahl as Police Chief, does not pass newly-proposed ATV Ordinance

by Macie Hill

The Lansing City Council meeting was held Monday, September 18, with just enough council members in attendance to be able to hold a meeting due to other scheduling conflicts. Discussion included a South Road bridge update, a decision on a new city police chief, and the City’s ATV ordinance.

The project engineer from the South Road bridge project gave an update at the meeting and noted that the bridge should be ready to open around mid-October or possibly later in the month. The council agreed to make Conrad Rosendahl the new permanent police chief for the City of Lansing, a position he has held on an interim basis recently with the health ailments of previous police chief Ed Stahl.

The third and final reading of the new ATV ordinance for the city was also held at Monday’s meeting. Following that final reading there was a motion made to approve the ordinance, but it did not pass, leaving the issue to be revisited once again.

Discussion in regard to the proposal for the city street lights had to be postponed to the next meeting, scheduled for October 2, due to Street Superintendent Ken Ripp and some council members not being able to attend Monday’s meeting.

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