No surprises in uncontested races for September 12 School Election

Allamakee County voters ventured to the polls at just under a two percent voter turn-out (187 ballots cast out of 9,632 registered voters) for the Tuesday, September 12 School Election held across the state of Iowa. No surprises emerged from the election, as there were no contested races on any of the ballots in Allamakee County and all incumbent candidates were each returned to their existing seats for another four-year term.

In the Allamakee Community School District, Scott Melcher was returned to his District 1 Director seat with 79 votes vs. just one write-in vote. Likewise, At-Large Director Allan Rissman was also returned to his position with 77 votes vs. just two write-in votes.

The Eastern Allamakee Community School District saw similar results, as District 3 Director Heather Schulte received 45 votes vs. just one write-in vote in being returned to her seat. At-Large Director Melanie Mauss was also voted back in to her position on the board with 48 votes without a single write-in vote in opposition.

The Postville Community School District had two At-Large seats open and just two candidates declared. Incumbent Staci Malcom was returned to one of those seats with 48 votes, while newcomer Anthony Gericke was the only other declared candidate for the other, vacated seat and was voted in with 53 votes, with three write-in votes also being cast in that Postville election.

In the Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) District 2 Director election also listed on all Allamakee County ballots, incumbent candidate Kathy Gunderson garnered 164 votes vs. just one write-in from Allamakee County voters and also received similar approval from voters in Winneshiek County to win election back to her Director position. Gunderson represents the Allamakee, Eastern Allamakee and Postville Community School Districts in Allamakee County and the South Winneshiek and Turkey Valley School Districts in Winneshiek County.

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