Department of Education Director visits EACSD ...

Iowa's director of the Department of Education Ryan Wise (center in photo at right) toured three area school districts Tuesday, September 19. Wise began the day at the MFL/MarMac School District and proceeded on to Eastern Allamakee Community School District (EACSD), visiting New Albin Elementary and Kee High School in Lansing. Shared Superintendent Dr. Dale Crozier acted as tour guide through the two districts. Wise also spent the afternoon at Decorah schools. In his visit to New Albin Elementary, Wise met with Principal Chad Steckel and lead teacher Donna Thomas (far left and far right in photo at right). As they toured classrooms, Wise engaged with students (pictured below), asking them questions about what they were studying. He also questioned Steckel and Thomas about the District's experiences with ST math and the teacher leadership program. Both had high praise for the two programs. Steckel said student math scores within the district have risen dramatically. Thomas explained that the teacher leadership program has been very beneficial to teachers and has helped them to personalize their professional development. Photos by Susan Cantine-Maxson.

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