Dr. David Schwartz receives Iowa Hospital Hero Award

Iowa Hospital Hero Award presented ... Dr. David Schwartz (center) of Veterans Memorial Hospital in Waukon was awarded an Iowa Hospital Association “Hospital Hero” Award Wednesday, October 11 at the Iowa Hospital Association annual meetings in Des Moines. Pictured with Dr. Schwartz, at left is Veterans Memorial Hospital Administrator Mike Myers, who also served this past year as the Iowa Hospital Association Chairman, and at right is Jim Kelly, retired NFL football player and keynote speaker at the event. Submitted photo.

Dr. David Schwartz was awarded an Iowa Hospital Association “Hospital Hero” Award Wednesday, October 11 at the Iowa Hospital Association annual meetings in Des Moines. Dr. Schwartz was nominated by some of his patients and their families. Their words were placed in the actual award announcement read at the event and quoted below:

“Dr. Dave Schwartz joined the medical staff at Veterans Memorial Hospital and the Mayo Health System-Waukon Clinic over 20 years ago.  Dr. Schwartz and his wife have been a vital part of the community ever since.”

“He would not consider himself a hero, but simply as a physician doing what he needs to in order to take care of his patients. His tireless dedication ensures they always have the highest quality of care. Whether it involves riding in the back of an ambulance with a patient or sitting at the bedside all night of a dying patient to make sure that they are comfortable, he always knows just what to say. You may find him delivering a baby alongside the road when a mother can’t make it to the hospital, or you may find him sitting in the bleachers at most any local sporting event, ready to lend a hand in case of an injury while photographing great action shots. He is often found in the hospital on his day off or even driving his wagon and team of draft horses pulling Santa Claus in the annual Christmas parade.”

“He spends as much time with all of his patients as they desire and follows through on all their needs, truly defining the meaning of 'going over and above.' One example of his commitment was when a patient had been sent home from a larger facility on Hospice care so he could live out his final days on his beloved farm. Dr. Schwartz set out to see the patient at his home during a snowstorm.  He was side-swiped by another vehicle, but did not turn around.  He remained committed to seeing his patient, then continued to work with him and miraculously the patient’s health began to dramatically improve and he is now living on his own without Hospice care.”

“Dr. Schwartz’s love of delivering babies has revived the maternity services at Veterans Memorial Hospital. He has become involved in advocacy supporting the Iowa Hospital Association on many trips to Washington, D.C. He has also been named ‘Waukon’s Person of the Year.’ His generosity is unending. He is a humble man of compassion and integrity with a strong desire to make patients achieve their optimum level of health.”

Dr. Schwartz’s family and many hospital staff were at the Iowa Hospital Association event to witness him receiving the award.

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