Cattle producers invited to 2017 Iowa Cattle Industry Leadership Summit

Cattle producers and friends of the industry are invited to attend the Iowa Cattle Industry Leadership Summit and Annual Meeting on December 7 and 8. The event will be held at the CPMI Center in Ames. Interested attendees may register online at or call 515-296-2266.

Iowa Cattle Industry Leadership Summit
The leadership summit will bring together the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association, Iowa Beef Industry Council and Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation to celebrate the past year’s successes and work towards improving Iowa’s beef industry into the future.The event begins on Thursday morning with registration at 9:00 and the keynote at 10:00.

Speakers throughout the day will cover beef exports, the impact of Iowa’s beef industry, and future opportunities for beef industry growth. Attendees will also hear from leaders of successful county cattlemen’s organizations and past presidents of the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association.

Lunch will be served by The Smokin’ Hereford, the winner of the 2017 Iowa’s Best Burger contest.

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association policy meetings will also be held on Thursday, and the day will be capped off with the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation banquet and auction.

Friday morning will begin with a continental breakfast and keynote, followed by the Iowa Beef Industry Council annual meeting and Iowa Cattlemen’s Association annual meeting.

There is no cost to attend the Leadership Summit, but RSVPs are appreciated. Visit to for more information and to RSVP.

Full Agenda:

Thursday, December 7
9:00 - 10:00 Registration
General Sessions
Factors that Contribute to Beef Export Success
Dr. Keith Belk, Colorado State University
A discussion of global trends in consumption patterns and economic traits that affect the ability of U.S. beef producers to export successfully, and technical barriers to trade that still need to be overcome. The information presented will be informative and helpful as ICA engages in grassroots policy development.

Economic Importance of the Beef Industry in Iowa & Future Opportunities for Growth
Dr. Dan Loy & Dr. Lee Schulz, Iowa Beef Center

This presentation will discuss the breadth, depth, and economic contribution of Iowa’s beef industry. This foundational information can be used to determine where the most fruitful efforts might be spent in encouraging growth and where those efforts may be less productive without external developments.

Lunch - The Smokin’ Hereford, 2017 Iowa’s Best Burger

Iowa Cattlemen’s Association Policy Committee Meetings
ICA’s grassroots policy development culminates at the Leadership Summit and Annual Meeting. All ICA members are encouraged to participate in policy committee meetings on Thursday. New policy will be considered and expiring policy will be reviewed for reinstatement. Input from across ICA’s membership is vital to setting the direction and priorities of the association for the upcoming year.

General Sessions
Past Presidents Panel

David Trowbridge - Moderator & Incoming President
Ed Greiman (2013-2014)
Kent Pruismann (2009-2010)
Glenn Rowe (1998)
Gene Wiese (1991)

Four Iowa Cattlemen’s Association presidents from the past three decades will gather to share their different experiences.  Our panelists will share what the cattle industry was like when they were president and offer advice on current hot topics.

County Cattlemen Stories of Success
Scott Cherne, Clayton County President
Tim Hastert, Shelby County Membership Coordinator

Connie Smith, Fremont County PresidentCounty Cattlemen Leaders and board members, this is a session you don’t want to miss! Are you trying to revive your board or maybe looking for some ideas to become more active in your community? Clayton, Fremont and Shelby County Cattlemen will share how they give back to their members and local community through county events and activities they participate in.  They will also share ideas on membership recruitment and retention.

5:30 - 6:30 Social
6:30 Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation Banquet and Auction

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation works to increase public understanding of the Iowa beef industry and assist in providing educational and job opportunities for Iowa’s young people in the beef cattle business through youth educational programs and scholarship opportunities.

Friday, December 8
8:00 - Continental Breakfast
8:30 - Keynote
Are you From Mexico?
Matt Rush, Inspirational Farm Boy

Regardless of the industry you exist in, when we tell people what we do we might as well be from a foreign country even though we might live right down the street.   They don’t know who we are, where we’re from or why we do what we do.  When they do meet one of us they usually look at us with curious bewilderment and ask questions that we feel are as ridiculous as asking a farm boy from New Mexico if he is from south of the border.  In these current times, the disconnect between the American supplier and the average American consumer could make the Grand Canyon look like an irrigation ditch.  The most important question is where did the disconnect come from and how do we fix it?

Annual Meetings
Iowa Beef Industry Council Annual MeetingLearn how the Iowa Beef Industry Council, funded by the $1-per-head beef checkoff, is invested in beef promotion, consumer information, research, industry information and foreign market development to increase beef demand. The meeting will include an election of executive committee members.

Iowa Cattlemen’s Association Annual Meeting
Be a part of the ICA policy development process. ICA’s Policy Committees will present recommendations for all members to vote on. Resolutions approved by a majority vote of the members in attendance become the official policy of the association. ICA will also honor retiring board members and swear in the new president.

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