Lansing City Council discusses no parking signs, hears plan for additional boat docks at City Marina

by Macie Hill

The regular meeting of the Lansing City Council was held Monday, November 6. Discussion centered around no parking signs being put in near Fourth Street and Platt Street, approval of the renewal of the Marina Contract, payment for the South Road Bridge project, a grant for sign replacements and hiring a new police officer.

City officials are considering putting no parking signs in front of some of the spaces near Fourth Street and Platt Street due to parked cars in those locations being in the way of semi tractor-trailers trying to turn the corner. The council decided to notify the residents near the locations where the signs would need to be placed, get their feedback on the decision, and make a decision at a future meeting.

A motion was made to approve the renewal of the Marina Contract with Jason Drape. Drape also proposed leasing the dike for additional boat docks. He believes there is roughly 200 feet of usable property that could be used to place additional docks off of the north end of the marina dike. The council proposed to make sure the Marina Board has approved the plan and that Drape would be able to get all the permits necessary to put the plan into action.

Payment number six has been made to Brennan Construction for the South Road Bridge project, which is now open for travel. The council made a motion to approve resolution #889 for a grant the State of Iowa has available that can give the City up to $5,000 per year to replace yield and stop signs throughout the city. The City will also start interviewing soon to hire a new officer for the City Police Department.

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