United Methodist Church in Lansing donates portion of chicken supper proceeds to help hurricane victims

After Hurricane Harvey struck Texas in late August of this year, Lansing resident Harold Marks, a member of United Methodist Church in Lansing (UMC Lansing), felt inspired to help out in some way. He and his wife, Denise, decided to approach their fellow congregation members at UMC Lansing to suggest sending a portion of the proceeds from the church's approaching chicken supper to a fellow United Methodist Church in Texas.

After doing some research, a small United Methodist Church in Baytown, TX was chosen. St. Emily's United Methodist Church is led by Pastor Bill Russell and his wife, Debra, serving a small congregation of about 60 people. Although the church, itself, did not suffer a lot of damage from the hurricane, members of the church's congregation did experience flooding, vehicle and even home losses.

Upon contacting Pastor Russell and his wife, they recommended the UMC Lansing congregation send their donation in the form of gift cards to stores in the Baytown, TX area where St. Emily's congregation members could use them to purchase cleaning supplies or whatever was needed the most. In one of their many telephone conversations, the Russells told the Marks' that, in many cases, what was needed the most was food.

Through the generosity of UMC Lansing and those attending the church's September 20 chicken supper, more than $1,500 in gift cards was sent to St. Emily's United Methodist Church in Baytown, TX. In addition to cleaning and other supplies needed to recover from the hurricane damage, more than 100 food bags were filled and distributed to those most in need in Baytown, TX following Hurricane Harvey.

"A big thank you to everyone from the congregation who donated to offset the food cost for the chicken supper, and thank you also to all the people who attended the chicken supper," Harold and Denise Marks expressed. "Your generosity is a true reflection of the spirit of Jesus."

"We thank God for your pastor and your church, and praise God for you thinking of St. Emily's," noted Pastor Russell and his wife on behalf of their congregation members following receipt of the gift card donations.

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