Letter to the Editor: Concerns taken from Waterville Elementary forum

To the Editor:

I attended the public forum for the potential Waterville school closing being discussed to hear what the school board would share in the way of facts. I left with a couple of items of concern I wish to comment on.

A board member represented they receive a lot of “heat” for the disparity in costs per student between the Waterville and Waukon operations and the same taxpaying parents don’t think it’s right that their Waukon attendee children get less from their tax dollars. It would seem a great misnomer that any taxpayer expects a proportionate direct benefit from taxes paid, that is not how the system works.

As well, it is troubling to find an ongoing analysis of the per student costs on a  per building basis using admittedly subjective expense allocations in a “consolidated school district” and being surprised by the divisions created. Should this result in the Waterville school closing, will this same analysis continue and to what purpose; will you close West Elementary if higher than East?

I suggest that in this large county geography be considered too; perhaps equal effort can be applied to use of the Waterville school to balance student costs, busing distances and honoring district lines. All benefit from the diversity of multiple locations and the quality of education resulting outweighs any modest operating cost differences.

I would hate to think the voiced belief Waukon will not rest until all school activity is within city limits is true; prove them wrong and keep Waterville alive.

E. Clark White


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