And then I wrote...

by Dick Schilling, "Editor Emeritus"

... that “they” say REM sleep is important for health, and REM sleep is determined by whether or not the sleeper dreams. Well, my sleep is often interrupted, but I do dream a lot, and sometimes the dream is more like a nightmare.

Witness Saturday night after Iowa’s disappointing football loss to Purdue. Not only did Iowa lose, Purdue beat them like a drum ... maybe even that big drum the Purdue band features.

Things looked hopeful for Iowa after they defeated THE Ohio State a couple weeks earlier.

Iowa State won again.

And I read a story that noted that Iowa State’s new president heads the state’s largest public university.

So in my nightmare, the school at Ames was being referred to as THE Iowa State University, and the school in Iowa City was simply labeled Iowa University, just as Ohio University is treated in that state.

Purdue was not considered to be a very good team.

By the time you read this, you will know how Iowa fared against another team considered not very good, Nebraska.

The thing about that is Nebraska scored 44 points against Penn State, while Iowa could manage just 19 versus Penn. Wryly, I wondered if Iowa’s offense could have scored 44 points with no opposing defensive team on the field against Purdue!

Coaching may be part of the problem. An early, stupid roughing the kicker penalty resulted in loss of the ball, and an offside by an offensive lineman killed the next drive. Plus, later there was another missed exchange between the center and quarterback. Those things should not happen 11 games in!

What is ahead?

Iowa is bowl eligible, even if finishing 6-6, and presumably will accept any bowl bid offered. After the Purdue loss, it was suggested the “best” bowl the Hawks could be awarded was the one in New York City. New York City in mid-winter Is a reward?

The least prestigious bowl was considered to be the one In Santa Clara, CA.

Hmm! I have been in New England and California in the winter, and much preferred California’s weather.

Still on football, I was amazed at the dominance of Waukon’s championship run, including that final game shutout, an extremely rare event for any class championship.


This was very much a senior dominated team, so next year there will be shoes to fill.

And there were some basketball players on the football team, and I’m guessing the basketball coach would have welcomed more practice time with that season upon us.

Meanwhile, take pride in a first for the school.

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