And then I wrote...

by Dick Schilling, "Editor Emeritus"

... that the news media have a tendency to draw out a story ad infinitum.

Recent charges by women of sexual improprieties against a couple of prominent men have resulted in formation of an organization called, I think, “Me Too!” It’s for women who have similar charges against men, and the result has been a steady growth in the number of accusers and accused.

The fact that those things have happened comes, I am sure, as no surprise to anyone familiar with the world of the important in relationship to the less important.

Northeast Iowans, among others, are being alerted at this time of the year that our white tailed deer are in the rutting season. Male deer can claim any female with which they may come into contact, and seem blind to anything else in life beyond that, including cars and trucks. Female deer face that for a period of a few weeks each year, and it is a necessary factor in the maintenance of a population.

The same conditions apply, for greater or lesser periods, to most other animals.

But not to humans. Who are also animals.

The “season” of male - female encounters among humans is not limited to days or weeks, but is constantly in play.

But there is another difference.

Only humans can reason.

Many, mostly but not exclusively male, ignore that factor, and behave more like the rest of the animals.

It’s as old as medieval times, when the right of the titled was taken to mean those who ruled had their choice from among those ruled.

So a senator who has been re-elected to several consecutive terms decides that everybody loves him, so he can chose from among the members of the un-elected populace.

Or the Hollywood producer who, via the casting couch, has the power to help or harm an aspirant decides to help himself through favors first.

Or the football player, pro or amateur, who believes the words of the old song, “you got to be a football hero, to get a date with a beautiful girl” and acts accordingly with that entitlement.

Caveat: I have never been in a position to hire or fire anyone. So, I can’t personally relate.

To those powerful men who find themselves accused, remember, you had the power of reason.

It didn’t have to turn out this way.

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