Local couple creates "Oliver the Tiny House" to fit their lifestyle and future plans

"Oliver the Tiny House" is big on amenities and ideas ... The tiny house pictured above was created by local newlyweds Logan and Mariah Fogt of Waukon, with Logan Fogt constructing the residence during a four-month period this past late summer and early fall for the purpose of the couple taking the home on the road. As evident in the photos below, the home has a number of amenities any homeowner would need, including lofted sleeping quarters (evident in the photo below), a living room area with a couch/storage area built into the home (evident in the lower photo below), and a full kitchen that includes some drop-down storage area for cooking and other kitchen necessities that the couple is demonstrating in the bottom photo at immediate right. Also evident in the photo below are barn boards used in the home's ceiling and window and other trim that were donated to the project by Gordon and Louise Ellingson of Waukon. Photos by Joe Moses.

The construction process ... The tiny house created by Logan and Mariah Fogt of Waukon earlier this year has everything the couple believes they will need to begin an anticipated life on the road in the very near future, including a functional bathroom area pictured above in its late stages of construction. The home was built from scratch by Logan Fogt, as pictured above during the early framing process of the home. Photos courtesy of Logan and Mariah Fogt. Those interested can see additional photos and follow the Fogts' road adventures via their Instagram account by searching for @oliverthetiny.

by Joe Moses

Newlyweds Logan and Mariah Fogt of Waukon recently completed work on a small home, nicknamed "Oliver the Tiny House" and built upon a flatbed trailer. The idea began with the couple as they explored the possibility of converting a school bus into a motor home, allowing for travel and extended visits.

As plans and the concept evolved, the Fogts decided to build a small house upon a flatbed trailer, providing greater customization of storage and living space in comparison to a traditional camper or motor home.

Logan Fogt worked on the wooden-framed building in his spare time after his regular full-time job, starting July 1 of this year and completing the project November 1. The 24-foot long house measures 174 square feet, excluding the loft areas - one of which is used as a sleeping area. Included within the home's floor plan is a kitchen, living room space and bathroom.

The Fogts made use of creative storage ideas developing overhead cubby drawers in the kitchen, the use of lofts, space within the living room couch and shelving or cubby-style storage elsewhere within the home. The Fogts were able to utilize barn wood donated to them by Gordon and Louise Ellingson of Waukon for the home's ceiling boards and window trim, providing a weathered and rustic appearance that adds to the home's décor. The house also has an electric furnace/air conditioning unit and a water heater.

The Fogts discussed the future plans for their home, which will include travel to Arizona and California, visiting national parks, and enjoying the warmer climate elsewhere in the country. The Fogts are planning to travel with their pets, which include three cats and a dog.

The Fogts are approaching their lives and travel plans with a minimalist mindset, not taking too much with them and not leaving much in storage. Anyone who would like to learn more about the house project and the couple's future travels with it may visit www.instagram.com and search for @oliverthetiny.

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