Letter to the Editor: Great stage performances in nearby community

To the Editor:

I note that a good number of people around here are willing to travel to Branson, Nashville, Chicago or elsewhere to see plays, musicals or concerts. We lived over 40 years in Chicago and have been fortunate to have seen some wonderful stage performances.

Living here, we have been surprised to discover that there is an amazing amount of talent close by - an hour’s drive away in Lanesboro, MN. This town of 750 consists of a group of professional performers who constitute The Commonweal Theatre Company. Each year they put on five plays, each with about 40 performances. Unlike large venues, this small theatre allows a close view of the performers.

Two of their best shows are currently on stage - “Boeing Boeing,” one of the funniest shows we have ever seen, and “Peter and the Starcatcher,” a lively spoof of the pirate life, are currently playing there.  Boeing Boeing runs through August and Peter and the Starcatcher through October.

Go and experience some of this amazing, live, professional-grade, nearby talent.
Dick and Jeanne Roggensack


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