Letter to the Editor: Viable plan for continuing operation of the hospital is needed

To the Editor:

As many of you know, I am a city councilman in Waukon, and am very passionate about our community. I spend hours preparing for meetings in an effort to make the best decision on the issues.

It is never easy taking an unpopular stance on any issue, but the one involving the City issuing a warrant for a second renewal of a $750,000 loan was especially difficult. I have neighbors, friends and relatives employed there, all of who are committed to providing us the best care. I want to see the hospital survive.

I have never uttered the words “The hospital must close.”

I’ve been asked why I’m the only one to not vote in favor of the warrant. As a CPA, I have dealt with financial issues daily for my entire career. I believe that committing large sums of money for the third time is not the right financial decision, with no plan in place to provide the best opportunity to survive.

Eighteen months ago, I spoke with the hospital management and the board of directors about critical financial decisions that were under their control that needed to be addressed. No action was taken on most of these issues.

A viable plan for continuing operation of the hospital is needed. The tax payers of Waukon can not continue to finance the hospital at the risk of other services and the City’s own credit rating.

Working for Waukon,
Gayle Decker
City Councilman Ward 1


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