Memorials received by Health Care Foundation

Memorials were recently received by the Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation in memory of Jim Sweeney by Ed and Ann Roed, Ron and Nancy Brandt, Jerry and Theresa Ashby, Jr., Jim and Linda Ryan, Steve and Denise Duffy, Marv and Marge Strike, Carl and Betty Christianson, Les and Ada Marie Kerndt, Blair and Jess Everman, Dave and Laurie Martin, Dave and Rita Newton, Eide Bailly LLP, Boulevard Brewing Co., Mark and Julie Blake, Systems Equipment Corporation, Mike and Shawna Sweeney, Orrin and Nan Grangaard, Keith and Sandra Lazar, Carol Krumme, Tom and Lynn Thomson, Brad and Judy Herman, John Gasaway, OD, Don and DiAnne Haler, Bob and Cheryl Bjerke, Chuck and Marcy Fritz, Greg and Marlene Palmer, Dr. Ken and Sharon Olson, Barbara Martin, Theresa Lyons, George Pickett, Jim and Jill Kiesau, Regi and Denise Tysland, Steve and Laurie Walker, Norb and Nola Palmer, Dave and Penny Wheeler, Ken and Rose Beardmore,  Tom and Sheila Neuhaus, Bob and Julie Rotach, Jeff and Cindi Wallace, Al and Fern Rissman, Matt and Ciara Snitker, Jared and Angi Bright, Dr. David and Suzanne Hahn, Chuck and Lois Votsmier, Jim and Mary Winters, Jens and Jane Kallevang, Frank and Patty Goltz, Lesa Moose, Dave and Sandy Lyons, Wayne and Deb Rissman, Dan and Traci  Byrnes,  Kay Zimmerman, Ardys Kuhse, Neal and Deb Horns, Ben Goltz, Bob and Margaret Larkin, Angeline Schulte, Dave and Brenda Dougherty, Mike and Julie Snitker, Mark and Tammy Knudtson, Robert Wendt, Joel and Teresa Sommer, Mary Ann Hager, Keith and Patrice Schulte, Marlys Leiran, Rodney and Evonne Bloxham, Great Rivers Plastics LLC, Dicky and VM Van Dyke and Mary L. Schulte.

Memorials and donations are appreciated by the Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation. The Foundation is a 501C3 organization. All donations to the Foundation are tax deductible. Memorials and donations can be sent to 40 First Street SE, Waukon, IA  52172.

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