Annabelle Dibert takes over the lead in The Standard’s 2022 Bracket Challenge

The 2022 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is headed toward its final week of competition, meaning a new champion will be crowned in the tournament and in The Standard’s Bracket Challenge within the next week. Following this past weekend’s trimming of the tournament field to its final four teams, the top 22 Challenge entries currently stand as follows:

Annabelle Dibert    85
Kristi Campbell    80
John Reinke    79
Chase Adam    79
Morgan Weymiller    77
Keira McCormick    75
Caity Schultz    74
Charlene Baxter    73
Pat Stilwell    71
Jerry Brinkman    71
Stan Johnson    71
Scott Dougherty    70
Grady Goetzinger    69
Mitchell Schultz    68
Tate Ellingson    67
Kent Schultz    67
Kaley Benzing    66
Diane Piittmann    66
Caylie Adam    65
Gina Curtin    65
Tucker Jackson    65
Mark Welsh    65

At this point, 91% of the championship team selections in the Bracket Challenge have been eliminated, including six of the top eight choices of Gonzaga (51%), Arizona (41%), Iowa (13%), Kentucky (12%), Auburn (10%) and Baylor (9%). There are only six entries who still have three of this season’s final four teams remaining in the contest, but there are a couple other entries with just two of the final four teams who still have a shot at winning this year’s contest. Pick up next week’s copy of The Standard to see who is this season’s Bracket Challenge winner.