Making significant contributions to the local Corner of Hope Growing Project ...

Allamakee County’s Corner of Hope Growing Project celebrated its 17th year in 2022. Since its beginning in 2005 and through present day, the group has donated $563,921 to Growing Hope Globally, formerly Foods Resource Bank.

A few years after the project started in 2005, local brothers Jan, Joe and Jerry Sweeney (pictured in the photo above, left to right) have generously allowed the Corner of Hope group to use 20 acres of Sweeney land each year to grow crops, with the money raised going to Growing Hope Globally. For well over a decade, the Sweeney plot has been an integral part of the Corner of Hope Growing Project. The crops have alternated over the years between corn, beans and hay.

Various farmers have worked the Sweeney plot over the years. Unique in 2022 is that one farmer, Adam Quandahl, donated his time and energy to do the majority of working the land. As a large farm operator who also does custom work on a large scale, Adam Quandahl, with help from Jan Sweeney (both of whom are pictured in the photo below, right to left), completed the tilling, planting, harvesting and hauling for the 2022 growing season.

The Corner of Hope committee appreciates the Sweeney brothers’ dedication to the Corner of Hope for so many years, and also the collaboration and dedication of local farmer Adam Quandahl. Submitted photos.