Letter to the Editor: Iowans deserve more

To the Editor:

It’s all over the media. With a rebuilding of our NATO alliances against Putin’s tyranny, a strong economy in recovery, with inflation, the stock market, and wages improving, and the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, many are asking why President Biden’s approval rating is still under 50%.

The answer is simple. The following are three recent Facebook posts by Ashley Hinson.

“Open border. Open skies. Our safety is last on the Biden Administration’s list.”

“The State of the Union: Chinese spy balloon allowed in U.S. airspace. Open borders. Rampant inflation”

“Under the Biden Administration: Eggs are a luxury good. Parents are called domestic terrorists. Gas stoves are canceled.”

There isn’t a shred of truth in any of this. But throw it in the FOX News echo chamber and a plethora of GOP false narratives become gospel despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Because the GOP has no positive record on which to boast, they must falsely demonize the opposition. And every message is centered on one theme: “Fear those people.” Referring to Biden, Pelosi, teachers, immigrants, librarians, regulators, nurses, LGBTQ, and, of course, “liberals,” it’s “Be afraid. Vote for us. We’ll protect you from those people.”

This isn’t rocket science. It doesn’t matter if the Democrats erased the deficit, brought unemployment and inflation to “0”, brought affordable health care to all, and stopped all international conflicts, Republican voters would still swallow nonsense from Ashley Hinson and Tucker Carlson, and then vote against their own interests because they’re voting against “those people.”

Call me silly. Facts matter. And today’s Republican Party doesn’t have ‘em. Iowans deserve more than lying bullies.

Tim Wagner