Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Steve Paul

To the Editor:

Iowans want to live in communities which are safe and secure and where public safety is valued. Police officers help to make our communities a safe place to live and work.

Every day, police officers put themselves on the line to protect us. They deserve our respect and support, even if we do not like being stopped for a traffic violation. “Personal responsibility” means that each of us is responsible for our actions. If we violate the law, we need to pay the consequence.

The police are not to blame for doing their job when they stop Mr. Quandahl for speeding (refer to letter to the editor by Ozzie Quandahl in the September 13, 2023 edition of this newspaper) or stop anyone else for violating the law.

The bottom line is that no one is above the law, not Ozzie Quandahl, not Donald Trump, not MAGA Extremist Insurrectionists who stormed the capitol to overturn an election, or Hunter Biden. All must be held accountable.

We are a nation of laws and it is incumbent upon each one of us to follow those laws for the safety and security of our families, our neighbors, our community, and yes to protect our democracy, which depends on the rule of law.

Steve Paul