Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Wendy Schutte

To the Editor:

Iowans are compassionate people and care about one another. We believe no Iowan should go hungry, especially our children. Sadly, child poverty has more than doubled in the last two years and 122,000 children in Iowa are hungry.

One cause contributing to an increase in child poverty is a refusal by MAGA Republicans, including Representative Ashley Hinson, to extend the Expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC). The Expanded CTC, passed by the Democrats and signed into law by President Biden as part of the American Rescue Plan, put money into the pockets of hard-working families each month to pay for food and necessities.  Because of the Expanded Child Tax Credit, child poverty was cut in half.

Now MAGA extremists in Congress are poised to shut down the government.  Food assistance for 58,126 Iowa women, children, and infants who rely on the special nutritional program WIC (Women Infants and Children)  will be one of the first cuts.

Let’s be clear. Allowing people to go hungry is a policy choice, not a personal failure. MAGA Republicans are choosing to ignore childhood hunger and poverty.

For the sake of our children and families, contact Rep. Hinson and tell her to get to work funding the government and funding programs to keep our children healthy and safe. Her focus should be getting money back to Iowa families through expanding the Child Tax Credit, not trying to pass more tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy and corporations.

Wendy Schutte
Harpers Ferry