Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Jim Allison

To the Editor:

I would like to respond to some of the Pat Ward letters to the editor.

I would like to hear of one thing that is better under Biden’s Democratic presidency. From the Afghanistan debacle to the open southern border, millions of illegals, thousands of drug deaths, high interest rates, higher prices for everything, including gas, groceries and other goods, I just can’t see the positive side of these. At least the people in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco are enjoying all the crime, homelessness, filth, and high taxes in their Democratic run cities.

In all the pictures I have seen of the “big insurrection” at the capitol, I didn’t see a single one with Trump leading the protesters. I heard that Trump told the people to protest “peacefully”. Even the way it turned out, it was a lot more peaceful than the riots of the George Floyd era, which the Democrats called “peaceful”.

In conclusion, I would like to know, what is wrong with MAGA? I see nothing wrong with making America great again, although it’s going to take a lot of work, the way Biden has run it into the ground.

Jim Allison