Corner of Hope completes its 18th year ...

November 14, Corner of Hope celebrated another successful year with its annual Harvest Celebration/Appreciation Dinner. In spite of often extreme growing conditions this year, northeast Iowa was blessed with another prosperous growing season.

Harvest on the Sweeney land was recently completed. Special thanks goes to Adam Quandahl for all his work with harvesting and trucking. The committee would like to especially recognize Jerry, Joe and Jan Sweeney for their many years of participation as land owners. The Sweeney brothers have been affiliated with the Corner of Hope since just a few years after its inception in 2005, and continue to be good stewards of the land. Pictured above (left to right) is Jan Sweeney with fellow Corner of Hope member Dennis Byrnes.

Corner of Hope is affiliated with Growing Hope Globally, a Christian-based non-profit organization that funds programs enhancing food and water security in less developed countries around the world. It works through a “hand-up” rather than a “hand-out” approach, seeking to help rural people develop their own self-sustaining food production as a long-term approach to ending world hunger.

Growing Hope Globally in 2022-2023 had 106 growing projects in 21 states in the west, the Midwest and out east, and supported 46 agricultural development programs in 30 countries last year, helping 169,360 people find lasting solutions to hunger. For further information on the Corner of Hope or to get involved, contact John Prestemon at 563-568-6861.