Thursday Night Book Club at Robey Memorial Library begins this Thursday

The Thursday Night Book Club at Robey Memorial Library in Waukon, a monthly gathering for book enthusiasts, announces its line-up of literary explorations for 2024. Meeting every third Thursday of the month at 6 p.m., the club invites members and newcomers alike to delve into a range of captivating themes and authors, offering both in-person and virtual participation options to accommodate everyone’s preferences.

The 2024 schedule promises an eclectic array of reading experiences, each carefully curated to inspire, challenge, and engage participants, library staff noted. That 2024 schedule includes the following:

January 18: The year kicks off with a bang as the club delves into the world of bestsellers, exploring gripping narratives and engaging with a bestselling author’s work.
February 15: Get ready for an adventure as the club uncovers hidden gems with books sporting unique and intriguing titles, promising to challenge perceptions and ignite imagination.
March 21: Acclaimed author Lisa See takes center stage as the club delves into her literary world, exploring her distinctive style, themes, and storytelling prowess.
April 18: The club celebrates local talent by spotlighting Iowa authors or themes, offering a deeper understanding of the region’s literary contributions.
May 16: Commemorating historical events, the club explores books centered around the compelling narratives of World War I or World War II, diving into the human experiences amidst conflict.
June 20: Embrace the beauty of nature as the club delves into literature that celebrates the natural world, fostering an appreciation for our environment and its wonders.
July 18: Environmental consciousness takes precedence with the club’s recycled book theme, encouraging members to explore second-hand sale finds or books shared by friends.
August 15: Prepare to learn something new as the club delves into books that impart knowledge, offering intriguing insights and expanding horizons.
September 19: Classic literature takes the spotlight, inviting members to rediscover timeless tales and explore their enduring relevance.
October 17: Mystery aficionados rejoice as the club immerses itself in the thrilling world of mystery novels, unraveling enigmatic plots and engaging in sleuthing discussions.
November 21: Inspiration awaits as the club explores books or characters that ignite passion, motivation, and a sense of purpose.
December 19: Wrapping up the year, the club embraces the holiday spirit with a festive-themed book selection, spreading joy and warmth through literature.

The Thursday Night Book Club values inclusivity and offers the flexibility of joining meetings virtually for those unable to attend in person. Whether a seasoned bookworm or just beginning a literary journey, the club welcomes all who share a passion for storytelling and thoughtful discussions.

For more information on how to join and participate, contact Robey Memorial Library at 563-568-4424,, or