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East and West Elementary Schools in Waukon host Veterans Day Program

East and West Elementary Schools in Waukon held a Veterans Day Program Friday, November 10 in the Waukon Middle School auditorium in observance of the November 11 Veterans Day. Staff and students paid tribute to the courage and skills of Veterans of the U.S. Military, as well as the sacrifices they were willing to make to protect America and its people.

Fifth grade students involved in the local Boys Scouts or Girl Scouts programs performed a presentation of the American flag while a reading, “I Am the Flag,” was recited. The Pledge of Allegiance was also recited and the National Anthem was sung, and members of the Sixth Grade Band played “Procession of Heroes”.

East and West Elementary Principal Joe Griffith provided the Welcome message and other introductory remarks, after which he requested the audience recognize and honor Veterans with their applause, including Veterans in attendance, Veterans of family and friends, and the men and women currently on active duty. West Elementary students then sang “Thank You, Soldiers”.

Keynote speaker for the event was Retired Air Force Lt. Colonel Beth Shafer of Waukon, who spoke on “What Veterans Day Means To Me”. Lt. Colonel Shafer related her Air Force assignments, positions, experiences and military training. Her message provided those in attendance with a greater understanding of military life, and the responsibilities of this nation’s Armed Forces. She also provided her own bit of military training and practice in teaching those in attendance the appropriate manner in which to salute the American flag and Veterans.

The event concluded with East Elementary students singing “God Bless America” while West Elementary students gently waved hand-held American flags to the rhythm of the music. Following closing remarks by Principal Griffith that included a message of thank to Veterans, "TAPS" was played.

"The staff and students of East and West Elementary Schools extend their most sincere regard for our Veterans, and wish to say thank you for serving so we may enjoy, daily, our rights and freedoms," shared the organizing staff of the elementary school program.


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