Veterans Memorial Hospital continues transition to its new financial system

by Brianne Eilers

While the month of November was an active month at Veterans Memorial Hospital (VMH) in Waukon, VMH Administrator Mike Myers said the hospital's financial staff was unable to get a financial report printed out in time for the Board of Trustees monthly meeting, due to training on the facility's new computer system.

Myers reported that November was not as busy as October, as far as patient volumes. "We still did a lot of surgeries and had a lot of outpatient volume," Myers noted.

The hospital continues to move forward with its conversion to the new Evident computer system. Myers noted that it was a "big push" in the beginning, but he feels the staff is settling in to the system and they are getting a lot of support from Evident advisors.

The hospital will be looking at options for its MRI services. The contract for that service will be expiring in a couple of years, but the hospital would like to upgrade the technology.

Myers also commented that it will be interesting to see how the political climate affects the new year. "With the big tax cut, it's already been said that they are going after entitlement programs to pay for it," Myers said. He further noted that Medicare and Medicaid may be in the cross-hairs.

Myers noted that rural hospitals run on a small margin, with a large part of the business being Medicare and Medicaid. "Cuts to that reimbursement would be devastating," he said.

Myers noted that long-time employee Fred Matthews retired December 15. He also thanked all the VMH employees for their dedication and service to the hospital and patients they serve.

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